New South Wales, Australia

What is this game called bridge?

Bridge is a game derived from a card game called Whist. It involves four people playing in two partnerships against each other to win tricks and gain points.

There are two parts to each hand of Bridge, the bidding and the play. During the bidding each pair decides if they would like to play in a trump suit, i.e., clubs, diamonds, hearts or spades; or if they would like to play the hand without a trump suit (called no-trumps). Sessions are usually around three hours long.


Bridge lessons for beginners are held on Monday nights commencing or Wednesday afternoons, twice a year. Lessons are held every week for two hours over a period of six weeks. The cost is $60.00 which includes a text book.

Please contact Dorothy Woodside on 0263 628218 or by email at if you would like to register for lessons or would like further information.

Supervised Play

Supervised bridge is for players who have attended lessons and want to play non-competititive bridge with a teacher who can assist them. The session is held every Monday from 7.00 - 9.00pm and Wednesday from 1.00 - 3.00 pm. The table fee is $2.00. Partners are not required.

For more information please ring Christine Kershaw on 02 6362 3029.